Blogger Recognition Award for Yummy Lummy

Thank you Jennifer from Little Monster Girl for nominating Yummy Lummy for a Blogger Recognition Award.

I know that there are some bloggers who cringe when these awards come around but I reckon they help with blogger community building. What I really like about blogging (and social media in general) is the community it builds and new friends I make through writing random stuff and sharing some of the rubbish that accumulates in my head.


So the rules for this award are:

  1. Write a post explaining why you started blogging along with a few tips.
  2. Nominate some of your fellow bloggers.
  3. Comment on their blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

Why did I start blogging?

In about 2010 I downloaded Google Buzz and started chatting with other Buzz members. I then moved on to Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. It was a natural extension to start a blog. Many years before though I had dabbled with websites but I hadn’t really got into the blogging thing. They were just static webpages with my thoughts on stuff, mainly medical and mainly sharing some of my work experiences.

In 2010 I started a blog focussing on ranting and raving about things. At the same time I started photographing my food and sharing the photographs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It just seemed natural to start a food blog and that’s how Yummy Lummy came about.

Some blogging tips

Gee, I’m really an amateur. I just like the idea that I can shoot some photographs, process them with some software so that to my eye they look better, upload them as electrons and then see them on my computer screen. Add in some words and some fancy things like GPS information for maps etc. and I have a blog post. I like that nerdy geeky element. I have ads which I’ve never made any money from but I just wanted to see if I could get them to work and appear on my pages. I really love that there are some people out there who look at my stuff, even read my words and comment from time to time. It amazes me that people from across the world see my stuff. When I look at my statistics, the numbers don’t interest me, it’s the map and the countries from where readers are plus the links they may have clicked on.

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If I was going to share any tips it would be to keep a notebook. Either a hard version or a soft one in your smartphone or tablet or laptop. If you get an idea write it down and then during the day when you have a break expand on the idea. For me I may write the rough outline of a recipe and then build on it during breaks in work.

Save your drafts often because you never know when your browser may hang or the power may fail. You don’t want to lose a page of good stuff.

Be considerate of others, especially new readers. Try not to be provocative unless you really need to be. If what you write or share may not be appropriate for work or family use the NSFW alert. Basically don’t be an arsehole.

Always remember, it’s your blog. Share what speaks to you. If people comment in a critical manner or if they are nasty just delete their comment and block them. It’s not worth the angst.

Bloggers I want to nominate

Gee this is tough. I don’t like this part because I don’t want to upset anyone. I recently shared a list of favourite blogs and mentioned my concerns.

So for this post I thought I would choose a handful of Canberra food bloggers. One Monday night I shared a little link love and mentioned some blog posts from the Canberra Food Bloggers Facebook group who had contributed to our weekly round up. I’ve listed the first five in the list.

And of course please check out Little Monster Girl which is a webcomic about a monster girl named Zela. Her adventures in a monster world are fascinating (and note it’s NSFW because Zela is often in her underwear and sometimes topless). If you like LMG Jennifer also sells merch at her shop.

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Now because this is a food blog I’m going to share some photographs and words.

Last night I blogged about a meal which included potato scallops.

This is a photograph of Baked salmon with pickled coleslaw and potato scallops
Baked salmon with pickled coleslaw and potato scallops

While I was at work today I was chatting with some work colleagues when a work mate mentioned she was going up to the shop and she was thinking of getting some potato scallops. My eyes widened and soon we had a deal done. Within fifteen minutes I received a call that lunch had arrived. I had three potato scallops and a battered sav with tomato sauce. Best lunch ever. I love my work mates. The best description of a battered sav is on the urban dictionary.

Potato scallops and a battered sav
Potato scallops and a battered sav
Potato scallops and a battered sav
Potato scallops and a battered sav

After two meals of potato scallops I knew my next step down this slippery slope would be a chiko roll. Guess what I did? Yep I slid down that slippery slope. I went to Coles and bought a four pack and fried them up for dinner.

Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls
Chiko rolls



So thanks Jennifer for the award. I hope everyone I mentioned shares with others. I also hope if you like deep fried food, remember, if a little bit if good, more is NOT better.

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