Monday link love

Monday link love is something I have been doing on Monday posts for a couple of months. I usually add a list to the end of a post. Tonight I really didn’t have anything to write about so I figured I’d just call this post Monday link love.

Apart from my routine of adding links from our Canberra Food Bloggers Facebook group I wanted to mention a few blogs I’ve started following recently.

As a result of following Little Monster Girl I’ve gotten to know a few more bloggers who all follow Jennifer’s webcomic.

  • Travels with Choppy is Sarah’s story about her dog Choppy, her cat Schooner and her life
  • Jules Rules is Jules’ story about her rules of life and a new book she’s writing
  • Ana Calin’s Blog is Ana’s outlet for psychology quizzes and her fiction
  • Hyperion Sturm is an outlet for a cool blogger who writes about some dark aspects of life in fiction
  • Irene Design is Irene’s jewellery blog along with some photographs from Spain

Here are some posts from today’s link sharing from the Canberra Food Bloggers group

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Of course I need to share some food photography of my own.

I started my morning with coffee

Microorganisms are essential to fine food like truffles. Great #coffee from Urban Bean Espresso Bar @asmicrobiology

A photo posted by Yummy Lummy | Gary Lum (@yummylummyblog) on

I had French vanilla almonds for morning tea

French vanilla almonds #lark filter #morningtea

A photo posted by Yummy Lummy | Gary Lum (@yummylummyblog) on

I had a toasted cheese and tomato croissant for lunch


For dinner I had a mammal-free Monday salmon salad with crunchy nuts

Photograph of Mammal-free Monday Salmon salad with crunchy nuts and a Bundaberg ginger beer for Monday link love
Mammal-free Monday Salmon salad with crunchy nuts and a Bundaberg ginger beer.

For dessert I had a minty milkshake with Milo

Photograph of Mint and Milo Milkshake for Monday link love
Mint and Milo Milkshake

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19 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for having included me in your post, dear Gary. I appreciate deeply your interest in my quizzes and work, and am always happy to read from you.
    Following your blog enriched my life too, for real: I have a son of almost 1 year, and, although I was never much of a cook, I now see myself forced to learn. Your blog gave me fresh ideas (all I could come up with was eggs and potato porridge) so for that too, thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you Ana for your kindness and generosity. It makes me feel so happy that Yummy Lummy has helped you with meal ideas.

    1. My pleasure Christine. Bundaberg ginger beer is one of my favourite drinks so it has to go with one of my favourite meats 😃😋

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