Happy VD

Yeah it’s VD, you know Valentine’s Day. I prefer VD mainly because I like sexually transmitted infections and the old fashioned name was venereal disease. Hence VD.

I spent the day enjoying myself eating, walking, shooting photographs and watching TV.

For breakfast I made myself a cheese omelet.

After breakfast I went for a walk around Lake Ginninderra and shot a few photographs.

This is a panorama I stitched together in Adobe Lightroom CC.


I nearly walked into this spider while walking across a bridge. It was only about 5 cm long but it looked angry I had disturbed its web. 

I came across this cow. I’d like to name this photograph, “rump steak in Belconnen”.

Someone had a good time last night with a couple of bottles of beer.

When I got back to the apartment this praying mantis was waiting for me.

For lunch I enjoyed some smoked salmon with cream cheese, chives and dill on Vita-Weat biscuits.

These are some VD roses from my garden.

After doing my ironing and other things this afternoon I went to Crust Pizza and bought a Crust supreme with anchovies for Happy VD dinner.

I hope VD was good for you.

Tell me about your VD.

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