Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel

Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel Three times a year we front up to provide evidence at Senate estimates. I’m in an unusual position in that I enjoy the experience.

I also have myself a little ritual, I like to go to the Hellenic Club and have a chicken schnitzel for dinner. Unlike the Tradies Club the Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel does not serve Hollandaise sauce with a schnitzel, i.e., a Courtney. That said the chicken schnitzel is quite delicious at the Hellenic club.

The schnitzel is flat and tender and well crumbed. On my latest outing I had it with the pepper sauce plus chips. This is a perfect dinner before driving up to Parliament house to appear before senators.  I just wish the Hellenic Club Chicken Schnitzel was a Courtney!

Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel
Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel, my Senate Estimates dinner ritual


Have you enjoyed an Hellenic Club chicken schnitzel?

How do you feel about being a member of a club like the Hellenic Club. I like being able to walk in whenever I like to the Hellenic Club, The Tradies and the Canberra Southern Cross clubs. The memberships aren’t really excessive and most do a discount for members. I’ve never gambled in a club so that attraction isn’t a thing. On average, clubs in Australia serve reasonable food at reasonable prices and rather than take away fast food you can get a better option for not much more.

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9 Responses

  1. What are these clubs? It doesn’t sound like something I am familiar with, but maybe I’ve just lost something in cross-ocean translation. This is partly because the club sounds Greek, but that food most definitely does not!

    1. Ah yes, the Hellenic Club was built by local Greek people in Canberra but it has a Chinese restaurant, an Italian Trattoria and a bistro as well as lots of poker machines and event nights like trivia. Usually clubs in Australia like the ones I mentioned are cheap and cheerful places for families, older people on a tight budget who can’t be bothered cooking and singles to just grab a decent meal. For some the attraction of gambling also gets them along. Club food is like enhanced pub food but it’s never too fancy.

  2. I had schnitzel in London, Vienna, Hungary and Munich. It didn’t come with a sauce or mayo. I have not seen one till now.

  3. I haven’t had schnitzel locally in ages … there’s a place called “The Blue Danube Restaurant” that my Hungarian SIL used to like going to. Farther afield, in London, Ontario, I had very tasty wiener schnitzel at restaurant (Budapest Restaurant) that’s famous for its Hungarian food though I’ve found portion sizes depend on who’s in the kitchen. Spaetzle and gravy are usual sides.

    1. I always think Schnitzel is a very fancy word, when I was a kid, Mum would just tell us we were having crumbed chicken or crumbed steak for dinner. It’s one of my favourite ways of eating tenderized chicken and steak 😃😋

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