Oven baked mince…sure it’s a thing 😂

So for dinner tonight I had 250 grams of regular beef mince. I was going to make a curry with coconut milk, some greens and serve it with red quinoa and brown rice. 
But then I changed my mind and had a hankering for some fried bread. 
I got a big handful of regular beef mince and mixed in some olive oil, a beaten egg, grated Coon cheese, chopped pickled jalapeño peppers, chilli flakes and Worcestershire sauce. I flattened out the meat on a piece of bread in a frying pan and then put it into a hot oven (200 °C) for 45 minutes. I served it with some broccoli. 

Mince on toast. It will become a big burger on fried toast. Gary Lum
Mince on toast. It will become a big burger on fried toast.

Do you like my pathology tea towel? It’s great, isn’t it? 

Happy new year. Oven baked mince on fried toast with broccoli. Gary Lum
Happy new year. Oven baked mince on fried toast with broccoli.

Sorry, the broccoli is a bit fuzzy. I was focussing on the corner of the meat and bread closest to the camera. 

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13 Responses

  1. Wow – that looks amazing and puts together two ingredients I wouldn’t have ever thought would go together! Mince and bread… but burgers are popular so why am I surprised…great recipe!

    1. Yep, I’m not sure why the language diverged, but it’s basically a nice piece of muscle ground or minced by metal blades to increase the surface area for microorganisms to attach to the meat and create greater potential for foodborne illness 😳

  2. It looked like the top part of the broccoli was the foreground, and your camera focused on the background 😂 Good way to start 2017, with a mighty piece of meat, lean and strong. Hope you had a good day too, Gaz. Mine was very low-key, catching up with a good friend. Then I tried to take some sunset photos in the city but it was overcast and drizzly 😥 However, I bought calamari and chips for dinner and that dish was tasty 😃

    1. You’re spot on Mabel. My was at f/4.5 and focused on the corner of the meat. The broccoli was sticking up and it was out of focus. For about 6 months last year I shot the same set up at f/22 to get most of the plate in focus. Prior to that I’d used different apertures and now I’m just playing around.
      I had a quiet one. I swept the apartment patio floors, removed cobwebs, vacuum cleaned the carpets and did some writing. Calamari and chips would have been a nice way to greet 2017.
      The weather in Canberra has been good for some photography, especially moody red sunsets. I’m too lazy to get out and about and would prefer to eat 😂

    2. It would make sense to use f/22 to capture as much detail of a dish as possible. I do struggle with this because somehow this aperture setting doesn’t work with the lighting that’s always around my food, or lack thereof. No way do I want to bump the ISO :/ But as you said, it is all about playing around 🙂

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