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About Yummy Lummy—Work full time? Live alone?

Yummy Lummy may help you cook meals for one 

Yummy Lummy is a food blog about my relationship with food. I know that sounds corny and it’s become cliché after so many reality TV cooking shows. I’ll do my best not to use the word ‘journey’ or ‘hero’ 

My history with food has had its ups and downs. As I get older I’m learning more about food and more about me. Yummy Lummy includes recipes, some restaurant reviews (I’m sorry these are on the decline but I’m saving money for a holiday) and my fondness for photographing my meals (I’ve regained an interest in photography as a hobby. I used to photograph clinical lesions as a member of the diabetic foot team at the Royal Darwin Hospital). Most of the cooking recipes are designed to be meals for one. If you live alone and work full time, I hope this blog meets your needs  I hope you like the occasional “What I ate today” post which describes what I ate that day and provides my food photographs for that day. I’m also sharing more photographs from my walks. These are mostly my weekend ritual of walking around Lake Ginninderra on Canberra’s north side.

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Please visit the food blog at Yummy Lummy The ‘other’ blogs are at Dr Lum! He’s my Dad and Gary Lum Photography

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22 Responses

  1. I love your Queensland Maroons kit!!!! Had to look up to see what a canetoad was. Good grief – those things can get to be 4 lbs and live 15 years!!!! I’m not familiar with Aussie Rugby so I learned a few things; old dog – new tricks. Great food blog!

  2. Ok so when I start my world tour, I’m coming to visit you in Australia. We are going to cook up a storm, and we will watch a True Blood / Walking Dead Marathon. That is all. 🙂

  3. Hi, I found your site on Michael Origin’s site 🙂 Very interesting to read a food blog by a pathologist! I am in my last year of medschool now and can’t wait to be finished 🙂
    Looking forward to your posts!
    Have a great day,

    1. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the end of medical school. Once you finish life gets so much better and much more interesting.

    1. When I told my grade 6 teacher I wanted to be a chef he laughed at me. My grade 3 teacher told my parents I should leave school after grade 10 because I’d be better off attending a trade school given my poor grades. In retrospect I should have taken the advice become a chef and travelled the world.

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