Yum Cha at Dumpling Inn

We earnt Yum Cha after a good walk

Wow Canberra was cold this morning. At one stage it got as low as –4.3 °C. You can see how weird the fluctuations got at Canberra Airport.

Screenshot from weather app
Weird temperature fluctuations in Canberra this morning

Bron and I had decided to go for a walk before visiting the Essential Ingredient to look around and then lunch at the Dumpling Inn in Macquarie.

It was pretty cold outside and it took about half the walk before I could feel my nose and fingers. 


[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/RK_gpx _2014-07-13_1010.gpx”] 


It was a pretty good looking day.

A photograph of Telstra Tower
Telstra Tower from Lake Burly Griffin

I’m looking forward when these trees will have leaves on them. Then it will start to warm up.

Photograph of a tree
Deciduous trees. Argh, they look better with leaves. Come on Summer. We need the heat.


At Essential Ingredient I bought more Pialligo Estate award winning bacon 🙂 


So we’ve been to the Dumpling Inn many times for Yum Cha. It’s been a while because I’ve been trying to keep to a low carbohydrate way of life to keep my weight at a reasonable level. It’s difficult to say no to Yum Cha though.

It was a pretty delicious lunch and at a reasonable price.

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