Prawn and scallop sandwich

Prawn and scallop sandwich on a warm summer evening

I was inspired this morning to make this prawn and scallop sandwich after watching Quirky Katie Quinn on her YouTube channel. She was sharing her experience of a Po’ Boy in New Orleans. 

Katie Quinn

I’ve been following Katie for a few years and always enjoyed her stories. Katie was sharing where to get a good Po’ Boy in New Orleans with her BF Connor. 

Is this a Po’ Boy?

Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that I’ve made a Po’ Boy. I really don’t have a good enough grasp of American culinary history to suggest that I could replicate something like that. Instead, I figured I could just sautée some prawns and scallops and put it into a baguette with some lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli. 

Prawn and scallop sandwich with tomato and lettuce and garlic aioli Gary Lum
Prawn and scallop sandwich with tomato and lettuce and garlic aioli

I noticed in Katie’s video that the prawns and oysters were crumbed and deep fried. I’d love to do that but I’m too lazy and sautéing in butter is good enough for me. 

Did you know scallops have blue eyes?

I did eat this with some regret. A year or so ago, my friend Jennifer who blogs ate Little Monster Girl mentioned she doesn’t eat scallops because, amongst other things, they have blue eyes. You can search for scallop eyes in Google and check it out. I said to Jennifer I’d refrain from eating scallops but I couldn’t help myself today when I saw them in the display cabinet at the delicatessen section at Coles.

How did the sandwich taste?

As you’d expect, seafood, fresh bread, crispy lettuce and fresh tomato. What more could you want? It tasted great. 

Parting words

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